Sunday, June 14, 2015

What is happening here?

My darling nephew Eli (2) was helping me look for a shirt
for his mommy to borrow. He looked at the pile of clean clothes and said
"What is happening here? I don't know what is happening here!!"
I guess the kid isn't used to huge amounts of clothing in piles!
Poor fella!!
New favorite You Tube friends.
You can thank me later!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


*I feel near death. I have a killer head cold!
*Fun for Louis was in Salt Lake last night!
*Being sick is so hard! I am healthy 99% of the time.
That one percent is just to make me thankful for
good health.
*I need a nap but my mind will not quiet!
*I am reading a book but I am not in love.
 I really want to brake up but
I hate to be fair weather.
Zinnias are such happy flowers :-)  #summer #flowers #zinnia by ozlem.yildirim

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


I love stuff!
I read this today and found it profound!
Then I went here!! Sighhhh!!

Monday, June 1, 2015




I am spoiled!!
I have four of the cutest
most sassy, squishy faced nephews ever!!
I could look at their faces always!
My sister opened a little Esty shop called.
Spray Baby and it features her custom
stenciled art work. They are so fun! Super unique!
And well just fantastic!! Go check em out!

Sunday, May 31, 2015


    The hand of the child on the piano
I love my nephew Fodie so much.
He can take me or leave me.
I mostly bug him lately. Yesterday was a rare treat
We played a little all day! It was an exciting moment
when his daddy fired up the new yard sale keyboard.
Little brother Lincoln crawled right up to the key board and
pressed his tiny fat baby hands on the keyboard.
Fodie not to be outdone pressed his hands down hard also.
I asked Fodie nicely to take his hands off!
Fodie looked and me perplexed and said
 "Auntie I can't take my hands off!"
Looking at his hands and looking at me!!
He had never and will never remove his hands from his wrists
and honestly wonders why I think he could or would!!
Love that Fodie!!

Saturday, May 23, 2015


I did the raddest thing last night.
You should do it too!!
 I hate hearing how toxic everything is.
 I keep hearing microwave popcorn is toxic.
 So last night I made popcorn in a brown bag.
It was DELISH and so darn easy. I felt like MacGyver!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Happy Spring!!

I read about this book on a blog. The whole idea of
it sounded intresting to me. It is about a woman who loses
all her money in a bad investment. She is rich one day and down and out the next! 
 She goes from riches to rags in
one day. I loved to see how this woman was forced to 
look at life diffrently. It made me have very deep thoughts and
think about money diffrently. This book was very profound to
me and really spoke to me at this little rough spot in my life. 

**Disclaimer: This book does used the F-word about five times. 
Also this woman wrote a book that is about sex. It is mentioned a few times. 
I just skipped over those pages because they were a bit much. 
My library does not own this book and I had to borrow it from and
inter-library loan. FYI.

My new favorite thing in the whole wide world. 
(or not) is You Tube. I love to see what people
buy at thrift stores, dollar stores, yard sales
dumpster dive..ect ect. 
So I will be posting some of my favorite channels
in the next little while so you can partake of the joy too!! 

Happy Spring!! 

This channel: House of Aqua
 This haul: Thrift Haul

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Life as of lately!!

I will post my own photos again when someone
teaches me how to get the photos off my phone and on the blog!! 

*My favorite over heard conversation today. A friend was passing out mints during sacrament meeting The mints must have reminded Ms. E of gum. . Ms. E (4 years old) stated "sometimes when I chew gum it' slips right down my throat!"

*Tonight I sat down at a table of strangers at a wedding reception. I noticed the family next to me had accents and asked if they were from New Zealand. The woman stated they were and then said "You're Heather right? I know you from Facebook. Hello....Awkward long pause and lots of blushing followed!!

*Conversation I had today w/ my darling friend Benjamin (6 years old).
Me: Hey Ben who is the baby in this picture?
B: It's Jesus.
Me. I don't think it is Jesus. Is it you? ...
B: No it's Jesus!
B:Why don't you think it is Jesus?
Me: Well they didn't have disposable diapers when Jesus was born. And sadly they didn't have cameras.
B: Oh I could be wrong!

*Yesterday at church I noticed a little lady (2/3ish) doing jazz hands at me. I gave her a little wink wink and went about my business. A few minutes later she flashed the hands again! I noticed then she had noticed that we sported the same pink nail polish. I acted shocked and overly pleased, pointed to my finger nails and at her and gave her the best mid meeting jazz hands I could offer. We will be nail besties forever!!

*Funny how upon seeing my grade school teachers I become the child I was!! Saw Mrs. Romer (2nd grade) tonight and was all blushy and said in a tiny voice "Hi Mrs. Romer!"

Monday, May 4, 2015

Teeny Tiny Things!

Easy Bud Vase | this heart of mine
My Favorite things TODAY!!
*I am no longer dog sitting. (I miss him already)
*The sky is gray and it feels like rain.
*The lawn is mowed.
*Theodore's HUGE AFRO.
*Lincoln's Sponge Bob Teeth.
*Fodie telling me about a lady bug in his ear that poops
jelly beans!! I want one!
*The inside of my car is all clean...but just for today.
*Yummy salad for dinner.
*The hope of a better tomorrow!!
*Hand me downs!
*Fodie wearing to small of clothes
because his body is sprouting out every where!
*The nit picker job I just saw posted online.
*I wouldn't be me unless I was super easily
startled at everything!! Today I proved that over and over!
*Already have a killer farmers tan.
*Dandelions! Love em!
My Favorite?
When my nephew Fodie told his Grandma
what words he isn't allowed to say!!
Oh blessed day!!


Yesterday at church I noticed a little lady (2/3ish)
doing jazz hands at me. I gave her a little wink wink
 and went about my business. A few minutes later
she flashed the hands again! I noticed then she had
noticed that we sported the same pink nail polish.
I acted shocked and overly pleased, pointed to my
finger nails and at her and gave her the best mid
meeting jazz hands I could offer.
We will be nail besties forever!!

Monday, April 27, 2015


Today my brother called in dis-stress.
He needed to complete a punch list by
 tomorrow for an inspection on his house.
 My mom and I went up to help. Upon arriving
 we could see how little we were getting done.
 My mom walked next door and talked to the
 neighbor (who happened to be the bishop)
w/ in 20 minutes 10 or more men (& young men)
 were there to help. I told my brother
 "It's a modern day miracle!!"
So grateful for kind people who do good even
 when there is no physical or monitory reward!
 Great reminder of the importance of service is!! Gushhhh!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Bits and bobs!

*It snowed on Weds. Lots of fluffy wet snow.
*This weekend has been ideal weather.
*Looking for a job is more of a job then most jobs!
*I hate exercising!!
*My nephew had a WILD birthday party last night.
 Tons of kids.
Lots of tiny fingers tasting and touching at the buffet.
The birthday boy w/ a super soaker.
I regret not taking pictures but I was busy face painting.
Linc eating everything in site,
Love that little boys tiny smile.
Loved Fodie pulling the tissue paper out
of each gift bag w/ such a flourish. Pulling it out
straight back and over his shoulder letting it flutter to the ground
then shouting. Oh yank you!!
*I love a pay by the ounce yogurt place but my word it
totally adds up!!
*I love when I get lunch for free at Subway!
*I love a good book, but that is no secret.

Monday, April 13, 2015

First comes love...

We all know the love I have for Cath!
Well I got a little piece of heaven on Saturday!!!
My sister found this darling at a YARD SALE!!
It even has the fabric and all the supplies w/ it
to make that bag on the front cover!!
I honestly am so chuffed I could
well SWOON!!
Thanks Harmony!
Happy Birthday to all
the April babies who are now one
year older and wiser too!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


I always resented CPR and first aid training.
It takes so long and it is so darn yearly!!
Today I was in the store and needed to help
a mom w/ a blue and limp 9 month old. It was so frightening!!
I was able to do and remember all that I needed
to do and pass the tiny off to EMT's.
Everyone please take a class!! You can take a class online
and you can do it for family night. In courage it in your
wards for adults and youth. I just felt so blessed w/
knowledge today! Empower yourselves!!

Sometimes it's the little things....

The little free things in life!!
Thanks Pier One. Your trash is my treasure!!
Happy Spring!!

Saturday, April 4, 2015


While shopping w/ my darling nephew "E", this happened.
"E" talks to and shouts "hello" to anyone in sight!"
 A kind grandma stopped to talk to little "E". 
She noticed all the toys in our cart, that were
 there to play w/ and not purchase. "My"
 she stated "Looks like your mommy sure loves you!"
 "E's" tiny two year olds face scrunched and he said
"No not mama! Auntie!!" "Oh" the woman stated
and quietly moved on. I love that tiny "E"
 he sure has lots to say and you can just see his tiny mind work full blast!! 
"E" also noticed a four wheeler in the back of a truck
and knew at that very moment me needed to
have it and ride it. Stating very loudly "That is Eli's four wheeler!
Eli ride it!!"
We also saw a large sign showing yummy chocolate cookies!
Eli then went into a long conversation about
how Daddy loved doughnuts and always eats them.
I asked Eli if daddy gave Eli bites he Eli said "No just daddies!"
I love Eli!! His vocabulary is catching up w/ his mind
and makes me laugh!

Friday, April 3, 2015



The other day I found myself here. I am not one for retail so
much and I hardly have time to find parking and walk forever.
However sometimes things like that happen.
Urban Outfitters was full of expensive eye candy!
I partook! They have very nice staff too!
I could sleep for a week!!
Happy Day!

Monday, March 30, 2015

A tip for a chip!!

Someone tipped me off on dumpster diving
at large décor stores. (Ok ok it was Youtube)
I find fun stuff but some times it is a little imperfect.
Imperfect is perfect for me!!
I like things a little dinged up and a little
rough around the edges! Like
the cake plate above. Swoon and FREE!!
It had a few chips in it that looked creamy
and dull. Nothing a little white nail polish can't fix.
Perfect for décor. (Not food safe).
Next time you have a chip...reach for the polish.
Happy Spring!!

Friday, March 27, 2015

It's a hard knock life!

Went up to my brother's new house to
 help stain wood trim. (Are you great at staining...he could use help!)
My car died!! He towed me (my biggest fear and rightly so)
 Spent hours in the Auto Zone parking lot
 in the dark w/ head lamps..
.trying to revive my sweet Honda!!
 Oh heavens I am glad today is over!!
Image result for Pink can of paint\
*Teaching 12 year olds how to stain. Not fun!
*A pocket dial from my sister and her little. So funny and
makes me giggle even now.
*Got to much sun!!
*The thought of a "true English Breakfast" makes me ill!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


*I just finished the book above. The Big Tiny by Dee Williams.
It was super profound. I love stuff! I like tiny things. Life is hard.
I need a flush toilet and a shower. This book reminded me of the book
WILD but was more insightful and life altering and had a lot more meaning
to me! Read it. You won't regret it and you'll love your toilet more!!
*Driving home today from an early
morning exercise I thought "I could use more
Forsythia in my life!!"
*Most people can't be counted on. SAD!
*I hate exercising. I do like to walk though. I also like
the after effect.
*My guilty pleasure as of late. Zoe and Alfie. They
are British teens (early 20) who live together
and record their WHOLE LIFE! They get paid to
Vlog...and they wrote books...and they are so funny
and so darn weird. Alfie is darling and he makes me laugh!!
Love them. Weird...yeah!
*Job hunting makes me feel sick!! It is hard.
*My car is always messy! Not a fan!
*The other day I was having fun playing w/ my beastie
Theodore and he turned to me and said. "Can you
poor me some bubbles and then go inside?"
He'd reached his Auntie thresh hold!!
Happy Spring Chick-a dee's!  Keep thoughts, prayers and
happy vibes coming my way so I can get a big fat posh job!!!