Tuesday, January 12, 2016

You Auntie?

Today I took my sweet nephew out on a hot date!! He is three. I wear glasses ALL THE TIME. He saw me w/ out said glasses. He walked into a wall because he was looking out me like I had come in his home in a chicken costume. He asked me no less then forty time if I was truly his Auntie! "Are you my Auntie?" "You Auntie?" Over and over!! I am laughing my head of typing about it!! I LOVE that kid!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

It's exciting and new!!

Happy New Year! I haven't blogged in forever! Same song and dance!
My phone and my computer are not letting me add pictures of my own taking!

*Can't wait for Downton Abby Tonight!
*My brother got married!!
*My nephew is three going on super grumpy preteen girl!!
*Nine o'clock church should be band!
*I wore red booties to church today and thought I
should break out in a clogging routine at any moment.
*A large bunch of my nieces and nephews are another year older
and I am not a fan!! Stay tiny!
* Life is hard! I read this and found it profound!
* I have read a great stack of books lately! I love a good book!
*Huge crush on Adele!
*Adopted her Cd's for Christmas!

*Favorites on you tube!
Restoration Homes
Mud Men!

Favorite on my library stack!

Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 5, 2015


Conversation I had yesterday!
T: "Auntie would you like to play a game
where you get a box delivered and you
think it is full of little puppies but it is really full of me!!"
Serious tender mercy's yesterday. and just in the nick of time!!

Sunday, November 22, 2015


Yesterday I was having a conversation w/ my brother in law
about all the education my little nephew was getting
at his twice weekly preschool. My brother in law stated "Theodore
is learning his letters and letter sounds and his numbers. "Theodore what
comes after seven?" Theodore w/ out missing a beat stated "MAY!"

Later that day grumpy little Theodore stood at the back door yelling
"Dadddyyyy Hey Daddddy! Do you want to play w/ your favorite little boy?"

I took my one year old tiny shopping about mid shop
he started waving his hands telling me (in baby sign)
that he was "all done". What a smart little cricket he is!!
Oh I love him!!

Thursday, November 19, 2015


I love my nephews!! They are the best little people
I know! Today I had the chance to spend some
time w/ my best friends Eli and Isaac!
Eli and Isaac both had runny noses
and weren't feeling the best.
Eli even told me he died and layed on the couch
for a few minutes. (That isn't like him). Eli
got out all the toilet paper and paper towels
in the pantry and made towers for quite
a few minutes. I sat on the floor next to him
and looked something up on my phone.
I then had to quickly grab his brother in his room
and set my phone down. I came back later and
couldn't find my phone ANYWHERE!
I even pulled out the fridge.
I then lost Eli. He had opened the front door and ran
away! when I caught up w/ him he was on his
way to Las Vegas I'm sure!
I decided I needed to bring out the big guns!
The sand box it was. It was warm outside and I needed
a drink I stepped in for 2 seconds and
came out to Isaac who is normally
a total tow head sporting chocolate milk
covered hair and every inch of his body had sand on
it or in it. Not to mention the new sandy facial hair.
I then decided baths were in order. I filled the tub 
    and Isaac cried bloody murder while I tried to quickly
wash the sand from his soft body.
Eli tried to get as much water out of the tub in
the shortest time possible.
We got re-diapered and turned on a show.
My sister came home and knew which hidey hole
to check for my phone. But right before we
looked in the right place we looked under the couch.
There sat 6 green apples w/ little tiny bites taken out of each one
and then lovely lodged behind the couch.
Wonder who did that?
My sister is on call for those little sweeties 24/7.
She is Wonder Woman! I am not and I need a nap!! 


 Upon seeing my nephew at the wedding (My brother's) I asked him if he would like to go on the elevator. For a full hour later he was upset with me because I would not show him the "alligator" I had suggest he ride upon his arrival. Elevator and alligator do sound similar! Poor fella!

Long time no post!! I have been busy!

*Two week notice for a no budget impromptu wedding. I felt like The Little Red Hen!!

* A birthday filled to the brim w/ goodness!!

*Blood pressure through the roof...killer side effects!!

While playing w/ my nephew 3 and his friend I ask what they wanted for Christmas.
Friend: I want a remote control car, air plane and boat. I told him that was gunna cost Santa a lot and so he stated that he only needed one.
I then asked my daringly nephew what he would like. He looked at my w/ a total dead pan expression and said "A magic wand so I can turn my self into lots of different people!!
What in the heck? This kid is the silliest ever!! I then taught them how to eat sunflower seeds right out of the flower! Time well spent!

*The leaves are falling! I love my boiled wool slippers even more. The days are darker and over cast and I am reminded that I am solar powered! *The bright glow of the yellow leaves makes me happy!!

Happy Fall!!

Friday, October 16, 2015


The best things about today!!
The weather!
Lunch w/ a bestie and her tiny!
Watching a grown man freak out about tiny birds.
Free stuff and gifts!
Pottery Barn.
Desert Edge @ Trolley Square​
Baby Sign!! (I love that a tiny and I can talk and understand each other!!)
That my Nephew chose to take a pomegranate to nap w/ him!
Left overs for dinner!
Tomorrow...is Saturday!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Bee Still!

My sweet tiny nephew has just begun
walking. He is still a little wobbly.
He loves to explorer his back yard.
Often he is found standing in front of
a flowering bush w/ vibrant purple flowers.
He is looking close at the happy honey bees
readying the hive.
I love the look of wonder and discovery
on his face. I love that he can stay
still for a long time watching
the quiet work of the bees.
I love that he reminded me to "Bee Still".



One year ago the world changed!
I feel so blessed to have been part of her

Friday, September 25, 2015

Oh Sally!

So I got this the other day!
It's like magic!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Oh Cath!

WE all know how much I love Cath (Kidston)
We all know how costly all her things are!!
Her closest store? London!
Look who I ran into at the thrift store the other day!
It was super stained and really nasty but I figured for
fifty cents it was worth a try.
I tried and tried using many different concoctions
to clean this little lady nothing worked till
in desperation I soaked her in peroxide over night.
Good as new...or good enough!!

Things I love as late:
*The crispness in the air.
*My tiny(Linkey) nephew walking!
*The same nephew had a 1 year old birthday!
*Free things!
*Already having Christmas gift thoughts!
*Finding Rapunzel hair at DI for my favorite little friend EMI!!
Happy last days of Summer!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


My favorite thing as of late is the
 sunflowers that dance along the
freeway as I pass each day!!! Swoon!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tuesday YO!!

*Nephew times four makes for a wild morning!
*It is totally to hot for school to be in session.
*All our peach blossoms froze. I found a few random
peaches hiding on the tree!!
*Third grade homework...not fun!
*A garden tomato at any moment is a
yummy treat!

Sunday, August 23, 2015


The other day after handing my darling nephew
Theodore a whistle he asked. "Is this so I can blow this at
my house and you can hear it at your house and
then come over?
I wish!! Such a smart little fella! 

Thursday, August 20, 2015


This morning while talking to my darling nephew
Theodore on the phone he asked, "Auntie can
you come over and play today?"
I told him I wouldn't be able to play today
but I would come over soon!
He then said "Ok well make sure to
 ask your parents ok?
Love that tiny!!
Image result for vintage phone

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Sunny days..chase'n the clouds away!

I have pictures "stacked up" on my phone. I have no idea
how to get them onto my blog. So alas no photos by me!
*I love when my nephew was asked his last name. He lovingly states Ferrill
just like his bestie Fodie!
*I love today I woke to jacket weather!
Today one of the little ladies I am in charge of each day asked for chicken noodle soup for dinner. I assured her that was a great idea! Tonight after the soup cooking all day in the crock pot she looked at it and stated " I wanted it out of the can!"

Upon waking I saw a small pile of bugs. I ran to get a paper towel, while totally grossed out. As I went to scoop them up I noticed they were only yarn! Darn crafty habits!!

My sister officiated at a wedding yesterday and it makes me giggle just thinking about it!! She is so RAD!!!

People who drink room temperature water are beyond me!! I like it on the verge of ice w/ a few icebergs floating around to boot!!

*Humidity and I are not friends!
*I am so thankful for 911!
*My nephew (1) can play a little wooden flute and my heck it is cute!
*I HATE cockroaches! ...
*Headaches are always following me around!!

One day two weeks ago this happened!!
Today I lost a small child. I hosted a group of house guests I had never met before. Stepped in dog poop and met a woman named Heather Robison.

*My new small bestie Anna reminds me often "You know I don't like to get dirty!!"

*Did you know Layton got a new Goodwill? My word it is good!! It is like walking down isles and isles of Target sale end caps!! Go check it out. It is just west of DI and around the corner from Savers!!

*Conversation I had a few weeks ago:

A: "My brother thinks you're overly happy!"
L: "That isn't necessarily a bad thing!"
Me: "Thanks I think?!"

**Check this out!!

Happy Summer!!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Hot Date!

The other night I spent some time w/
Theodore while his mommy and daddy went out.
It was a great time and lots of fun was had!
Some of my favorite parts were.
*When Theodore asked me if I was pretending
 to be his mommy when I made dinner.
*When Theodore's brother woke up and was
very unhappy. Theodore sung tiny a song
about death. He and his dad had had a deep
talk about how long people and pets live
and about when they die. I am sure Little Linc
was comforted by the death song!
* I couldn't get Little Linc back to sleep
after rocking him for a long time.
So I placed him in his bed and sadly he cried.
I felt upset by his crying. Theodore  then reassured me
that "Sometimes you just have to let him cry
a little so he will learn to go to sleep!!" I knew he was right 
and I felt happy to know that the three year old in the
house had things under control.
*The following day was mommy's birthday.
Theodore and I decorated the place and
he really wanted to hide and jump
out and surprise his mommy. Where
does he learn this stuff? I asked him
to do it in the morning when mommy would REALLY
be surprised. Wonder what time her wake up
call was?  
*I loved when Theodore would reenact a conversation
his mommy had w/ him and it sounded just like her!
*I tucked little man in bed but didn't pull the covers up.
It was warm and he had on warm jammies.
Theodore looked at me and said.
"Ummm I need these blankets on top of me."
What was I thinking!
Tiny people are the BEST people!!
Love you Fodie!!


I have some stuff to show and tell!!
So they have a channel. There post every few weeks.
They are cute quirky thrift and wear glasses!
Did you ever watch the PBS shows like 1900 House!? 
I loved it in high school.  I found The Coal House.
Last night and I love it!
Studio 5? Yes please. There has been some goodies as
of late. Check em out!!
What do you have to share?

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Clock it!

I like clocks. I like clocks enough to collect them.
I am trying only to spend money on needs
and not on clocks. However when
this little fella called my name
and his sticker said 2 dollars.
I answered back "OK!"
This clock came w/ a yucky pinkey
flesh color. I thought I would spray paint it.
Then I remembered this post from 4 Men 1 Lady.
I thought I'd strip this baby down to raw metal for
that industrial chic look.
I lost the thumb print on my left hand
but after 15 minutes w/ a can of striper
and scrubbie this darling looked like
a shiny new quarter!!
I think I sweated a gallon of water but it was so worth it!!
Hope your summer is delish!!
Do something un expected!!